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Our mission is to provide scientists the freedom to explore the boundaries of knowledge in an independent, transdisciplinary research community outside the confines of traditional academic institutions. We feel science has provided vast wealth to humanity, while scientists often lack support -- a failing of society that we wish to improve.

The Pacific Science Institute is an outpost on the frontier of science, geographically and intellectually, with an ever-expanding reach. We envision an ideal theoretical research environment, where resident guests do groundbreaking and valuable work. In this idyllic location, diverse worldviews and a playful approach to life converge, opening doors to creativity and breakthrough thinking. Within this supportive environment, edgier research directions can be pursued to new conclusions. Scientists from myriad traditions, fields, locations, and cultures intersect and share their ideas, raising the intellectual bar for each other.

It is in the nature of science to push boundaries; it is how breakthroughs happen and history gets made. By providing a world class location to visit, work, play, and collaborate with other scientists and science-friendly creatives, the Pacific Science Institute aims to increase creative productivity and overall quality of life for scientists, and foster a broad range of exciting new ideas, papers, and collaborations from within the ranks of our community. Participants share their discoveries at PSI gatherings, and worldwide.


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The Pacific Science Institute began as a dream of theoretical physicist Garrett Lisi. Having eschewed a traditional physics career in an academic setting, Garrett embarked upon an itinerant life of independent research and outdoor adventures. In living this fun, focused, free lifestyle, and seeing its effect on the quality of his work and his life, he envisioned a network of science hostels, where other scientists could enjoy the same experience: working and playing in beautiful locales, guided by their intellectual curiosity and sense of adventure. After encountering some difficulty persuading friends to donate nice houses, but finding success in financial investments, Garrett was able to purchase the Maui house in 2013 and open it up for others in this growing community to visit. Later, in 2021, with the help of his partner, Samantha Smith, the Utah house was purchased and furnished, and made available part-time for use by the PSI community.

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